hey, i'm elad /ˈɛlæd/

i'm a programmer, still trying to figure out why i love it so much.

i (currently) believe in:

  • continuous, bottom-up, engineering - what god meant when he invented software
  • open source - what god meant when he invented code
  • posix - what god meant when he invented abstractions
  • async communication - what god meant when he invented email
  • - don't really believe in god...

stuff i'm interested in nowadays:

projects i was recently (and not so recently) involved in are on the left pane. check them out.

some of my history:

  • atari xt at 386 387 486 pentium ...
  • ms-dos (3.0+) windows (2.0+, really) os/2 (2.0, warp) ubuntu gentoo mac-osx (lion)
  • basic pascal c c++ java python c# javascript
  • win32 mfc com atl c#/.net wcf/asp.net node.js
  • buildyourown-os µos vxworks (and others) embedded linux (hell, yeah!!)
  • command.com cmd.exe bash grep | sed perl python javascript
  • godaddy azure google appengine heroku

other parts of me:

  • nir
  • wheel pottery
  • workout and run outside. especially in new cities
  • books, movies
  • good food, good coffee
  • music: corny girly stuff (adele, norah); good electro; good trance
  • tel-aviv!